Team of GoSailing School

We are those, whom the Wind loves!
A team of the most different people,
united by sincere love to the sea
Iurii Pugach
ISSA Instructor 5 lev.
chief instructor of his own school in Montenegro,
Victor Safonov
ISSA Instructor 3 lev.
Konstantin Zhukov
ISSA Instructor 5lev. & Trainer
Viacheslav Tokarev
ISSA Instructor 3 lev.
IYT Bareboat Instructor
Andrey Usachev
ISSA Instructor 3 lev.
Alexey Skokov
IYT Bareboat Instructor
Valentin Dundukov
ISSA Instructor 3 lev.
Mikhail Rabtsevich
experienced captain and young instructor
Margarita Klimenko
experienced captain
and ISSA Instructor 3 lev.
Konstantin Izmailov
Booking Manager
Ksenia Koroleva
Manager of charter department (GoodCharter Agency)
Внештатные инструктора
Которые часто сотрудничают с нашей парусной школой
Ilgonis Balodis
Instructor lev.5
Ilya Denisenko
Instructor lev.3
Denis Aksenov
Instructor lev.3
Our ex-trainers and workers
time, paths and destiny have brought us apart, some of us are running their own yachting businesses, but we remember and love all of you…
Irina Fedorova
ISSA Trainer, former chief instructor of the school, a pure and sincere person
Alexandra Lavreniuk
Bareboat Instructor, a girl with a lion character
Aliaksandr Racheuvski
Instructor lev.3
Katerina Vasilevich
Instructor lev.1
Polina Tarasova
Bareboat Instructor
Marcel Marciuc
Instructor lev.3
Eleonora Bogdanova (Stanevskaya)
russian representative's worker
Aliona Chernyshova
russian representative's worker
Maria Kirkova
russian representative's worker
Maria Kurbatova (Kuçuk)
Base manager in Marmaris
Anna Salahova (Doronina)
russian representative's worker
Liudmila Korogod
russian representative's Administrator